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Welcome to WinterSown.Org
WinterSown is rewriting its FAQs. Currently, we're about halfway done. There is a lot more to go but they're better organized with easier to follow content. See our progress here:

Contact Information

WinterSown Educational
1989 School Street
East Meadow, NY, 11554

Phone: 516-794-3945 (10AM - 5PM EST)

FAX: 516-832-7922

Email: wintersown@optonline.net

WinterSown at Facebook: Winter Sowers Discussion Group

New! We've taken some front and backet photos of the seeds we send in our
Group Seed Requests. These GSR bundles contain a minimum of 200 labeled packets chosen for your growing region. It's a great opportunity for schools, libraries, community and family gardeners to have a wide selection of seeds to grow.
Group Seed Packet Photos

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