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Labeling Flats. ~ You want to know what's sprouting in there next spring.

Permanent markers are a vital part of labeling WinterSown flats.

Get some freezer of duct tape, or any other tape that you know will hold up to freezing weather. Pull off a piece from the roll and stick it to the dry outisde bottom of the winter sowing flat. Before filling with soil, write the seed variety name with a permanent ink marker.

This label is underneath the container; the sun cannot reach underneath there to bleach out and fade the ink. You can label the inside with tags also written with marking pens or pencils but they may still fade in the sun and by the time the flat sprouts the ink has faded to unreadable.

This underside label is always your insurance--raise the container above eye level and read the label attached under its base. There is the name, clear and unfaded!

Labels made from duct tape are placed on the exterior base of the flat, it iis written with a permanent markring pen.
Two mushroom boxes upside down and labeled before filling with soil.
These two trays will fit neatly side by side in a gallon plastic bag. This one has a blue tint but it will still let in plenty of light for germination. Fold the bag and gently snip halfway through the folds to create vents and drains at the same time.
Here they are in the bag, I've added a tag to each container as well. The tags are written with a permanent marker and I've labeled the white strip on the bag too. Lots of labels but I want to remember what I have sown.
Two mushroom trays fit neatly into a gallon baggie. Its white strip has also been labeled with a permanent marker.
I'm going to use the interior of a lid to make a small roof support so the plastic bag stays off the soil surface.
Here it is inserted in the bag.
The slit circle is inserted into the trays.
Ready to go outside. You may have to reposition the roof support after placing the tray in its outdoor winter spot.
Sealed up and ready to go outside. You might have to reposition the roof support if it moves when the trays are jostled and moved.

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