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By: Neelam K. Patel, PharmD, BCOP

  • Clinical Pharmacy Specialist—Breast Medical Oncology, Division of Pharmacy, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas

General Considerations malabsorption and diarrhea due to anxiety vs depression purchase 100mg fluvoxamine otc abnormalities in the Obesity is one of the most common disorders in medical gastrointestinal tract anxiety medication 05 mg 100 mg fluvoxamine with amex. Changes in renal sodium reabsorp­ treatment anxiety symptoms jaw pain generic 50mg fluvoxamine with amex, yet major changes have occurred in our under­ tion and poor skin and blood vessel integrity result in the standing of its causes and its implications for health anxiety symptoms constipation fluvoxamine 100 mg on line. Treatment includes reassurance, elevation of the dependent area, and modest sodium restriction. Definition & Measurement Diuretics are usually ineffective, may aggravate electrolyte Obesity is defined as an excess of adipose tissue. It risk require formal assessment of nutritional status and is calculated by dividing measured body weight in kilo­ close observation of dietary intake, body weight, and nutri­ grams by the height in meters squared. Upper body obesity (excess fat around the waist sarcopenia and cachexia: overlap of clinical features. A new approach to defining and diagnosing increased abdominal circumference (greater than 102 em malnutrition in adult critical illness. The poor are more obese than the Using conventional dietary techniques, only 20% of rich regardless of race. Approximately 60% of individuals patients will lose 20 lb and maintain the loss for over with obesity in the United States have the metabolic syn­ 2 years; only 5% maintain a 40-lb loss. Average weight loss drome (including three or more of the following fac to rs: is approximately 7% of baseline weight. Careful patient selection improves suc­ cess rates and decreases frustration of both patients and therapists. Specific attempts to Obesity has been considered to be the direct result of a identify motivated patients-eg, requesting a 3-day diet sedentary lifestyle plus chronic ingestion of excess calories. Yet, as much as 40-70% of obesity may be explained by Most successful programs employ a multidisciplinary genetic infuences. Emphasis must be on maintenance of Five genes affecting control of appetite have been iden­ weight loss. Mutations of each gene result in obesity, and Dietary instructions for most patients incorporate the each has a human homolog. One gene codes for a protein same principles that apply to healthy people who are not expressed by adipose tissue-leptin-and another for the obese. The other three genes affect ety of predominantly "unprocessed" foods, with special brain pathways downstream from the leptin recep to r. There is no physiologic advantage to diets that restrict is thought to be due to single gene mutations. Most human carbohydrates, advocate relatively larger amounts of pro­ obesity undoubtedly develops from the interactions of tein or fats, or recommend ingestion offoods one at a time. The Diets that are restricted in carbohydrates (such as the rapid increase in obesity in the last several decades clearly Atkins and South Beach diets),however, can be effective in points to major roles for environmental and behavioral fac­ achieving a lower to tal calorie intake. Medical Evaluation of the Obese Patient diets can also be used effectively and safely to achieve His to rical information should be obtained about age at weight loss. Although formalbehavior modifica­ rette and alcohol use, previous weight loss experience, and tion programs are available to which patients can be psychosocial fac to rs including assessment for depression referred, the clinician caring for obese patients can teach a and eating disorders. The most impor­ directed at use oflaxatives, diuretics, hormones, nutritional tant technique is to emphasize planning and record keep­ supplements, and over-the-counter medications. Record keep­ and distribution of body fat, overall nutritional status, and ing not only aids in behavioral change, but also helps the signs of secondary causes of obesity. Less than 1% of obese patients have an identifiable Patients can be taught to recognize "eating cues" (emo­ secondary, nonpsychiatric, cause of obesity. Such Exercise offers a number of advantages to patients try­ patients require further endocrinologic evaluation, ing to lose weight and keep it off. Blood pressure, waist circumference, fasting results in small amounts of weight loss. Up to 1 hour ofmoderate exercise patients (38% vs 16%) lose more than 5% of initial weight per day is associated with long-term weight maintenance on lorcaserin compared to placebo. Social veillance is focused on concerns about increased breast support is essential for a successful weight loss program. Very-low-calorie diets (typically mg/92 mg orally daily) results in dose-dependent weight 800-1000 kcal/day) result in rapid weight loss and marked loss. In clinical trials, patients receiving the lowest dose lost initial improvement in obesity-related metabolic compli­ 7. Patients who adhere to the program effects include mood changes, fatigue, and insomnia. Average maximum weight the medications increase heart rate, a large clinical trial to loss is approximately 15% of initial weight. The combi­ use meal replacement diets to achieve the very-low-calorie nation is also associated with increased birth defects and intake. Its distribution is replacement programs is less predictable and requires restricted in the United States (telephone 1-888-998-4887 concurrent behavior modification, long-term use of low­ or visit Clinical trials demonstrated a 2-4% common complications include gout, gallbladder disease, weight loss compared to placebo after 1 year. Although weight loss is more include an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and behav­ rapidly achieved with very-low-calorie diets as compared iors, other neuropsychiatric events, seizures, and elevation with traditional diets, long-term outcomes are equivalent. Other side effects include Medications for the treatment of obesity are available nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and constipation, headache, both over the counter and by prescription. A cardiovascular outcome trial to further controversy exists as to the appropriate use of medications assess safety is in progress. Cat­ tis, gallbladder disease, renal impairment, increased heart echolaminergic medications (eg, phentermine, diethylpro­ rate, and suicidal thoughts. Common side effects include pion, benzphetamine, and phendimetrazine) are approved nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and constipation, and hypo­ for short-term use only and have limited utility. A cardiovascular outcomes trial is being (120 mg orally up to three times daily with each fat-con­ conducted. Rather than in the central ner­ gastric operations are considered the procedures of choice. Lorcaserin, a selective sero to nin recep­ nal symp to ms; and nutritional deficiencies, including iron, to r agonist given in a dose of 10 mg orally twice daily, is vitamin B12, folate, calcium, and vitamin D. Operative associated with modest weight loss, about 3% of initial mortality rates within 30 days are nil to 1% in low-risk weight more than placebo. Gastric banding low-calorie diet: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Comparison of weight loss amongnamed diet ever, is required to adjust the gastric band. Efficacy comparison ofmedications approved A third operation, sleeve gastrec to my, is gaining in for chronic weight management. Assessment and lifestyle management of quarters ofthe s to mach is resected, but the gastrointestinal patients with obesity: clinical recommendations from tract is otherwise left intact. New medications for treatment ofobesity: metabolic cost-effective for patients with severe obesity and most and cardiovascular effects. The long-term effectiveness of a lifestyle intervention in severely obese in 11 years was 77 operations. Telling patients they are overweight or obese: an insult or an effective interventionfi Making physical activity counseling a priority in clinical practice: the time for action is now. Effectiveness of behavioural weight loss inter­ ventions delivered in a primary care setting: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Weight loss leading to body weight 15% below an updated systematic review and meta-analysis, 2003-2012. Management of obesity: improvement ofhealth­ care training and systems for prevention and care. General Considerations for obesity: a systematic review and meta-analysis of ran­ domised controlled trials. A systematic review and mixed treatment compari­ son of pharmacological interventions for the treatment of patients are females, most from the middle and upper obesity. In Rochester, Minnesota, for American College of Cardiology/American Heart Associa­ example, the prevalence per 100,000 population is esti­ tion Task Force on Practice Guidelines and the Obesity mated to be 270 for females and 22 for males. Treatment multiple endocrinologic abnormalities exist in these patients, most authorities believe they are secondary to the goal of treatment is res to ration of normal body weight malnutrition and not primary disorders. Hospitalization favor a primary psychiatric origin, but no hypothesis may be necessary. The patient characteristically comes rienced teams are successful in about two-thirds of cases, from a family whose members are highly goal and res to ring normal weight and menstruation.

A multi-center random nephro to anxiety disorders purchase 50mg fluvoxamine amex xicity in patients with therapeutic drug moni to anxiety symptoms watery mouth order fluvoxamine paypal ring anxiety symptoms during pregnancy fluvoxamine 50 mg discount. Tedizolid for 6 days versus complicated skin and skin-structure infections caused by linezolid for 10 days for acute bacterial skin and skin-struc gram-positive organisms anxiety symptoms eyesight cheap fluvoxamine 50 mg line. Tedizolid phosphate vs linezolid for treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin struc U. N Engl J Med ized, double-blind study evaluating cefaroline fosamil for 2014;370:1039-47. The lesion is and irrigation, which one of the following is the most not elevated and has poorly defned margins. Amoxicillin-clavulanate plus a tetanus to xoid 88 beats/minute, respira to ry rate 18 breaths/minute, and containing vaccine. She has admited to the hospital for intravenous antibiotic admin a lesion close to her small to es that is is macerated and foul istration and nasal swab is positive for methicillin-resistant smelling. Which one of the following is the most likely cause of notable for temperature 38. Ciprofoxacin 400 mg intravenously every 12 rothiazide 25 mg/day, lisinopril 20 mg/day, glyburide 10 hours. Penicillin G 2 million units intravenously every 6 hospital for intravenous antibiotic administration and nasal hours. Which one of the following to pical antibiotics is the appropriate empiric antibiotic treatment for F. A 61-year-old woman presents to your clinic with a Questions 10 and 11 pertain to the following case. The middle of the lesion is flled with pus and The rash is associated with moderate to severe burn debris. She has diabetes and hypothy exercises on a daily basis with a group of athletes. Physical roidism for which she takes glyburide 5 mg/day and examination reveals the following: temperature 37fiC, levothyroxine 25 mcg/day. Which one of the follow blood pressure 120/70 mm Hg, heart rate 60 beats/min ing is the most likely cause of this patient’s lesionsfi Famciclovir 500 mg orally three times daily for 5 area is red, elevated, and clearly demarcated. Valacyclovir 1 g orally three times daily for 7 ical examination is notable for temperature 38. A 48-year-old woman is in your pharmacy asking if include sodium 140 mEq/L, potassium 4. Which one of the following is the most likely cause of day 5 (last day) of a tapered dose of oral methylpred M. Physicians in your department ment with fever and severe pain in his right hand with have recently switched from cephalexin to clindamy erythema, tenderness, warm skin, and swelling. Continue the use of clindamycin if the double room for surgical debridement and removal of necrotic 3 disk difusion test is positive. Use trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole instead of cocci susceptible to all antibiotics tested. A 65-year-old woman is in the hospital for management would be best to administer to residents to prevent of an infected wound, a complication of a surgery on the recurrencesfi Which one of the following is this patient most at 2-day course of vancomycin therapy for the treat risk of because of her medicationsfi A 51-year-old man is expected to receive a 3-week Which one of the following statistical tests would be course of outpatient dap to mycin therapy for the best to compare these datafi You are asked to implement an antimicrobial steward safety of this patient’s antibiotic regimenfi If several reports originated from the same institution, clarification was also obtained to avoid redundant reporting. Broome / European Journal of Radiology 66 (2008) 230–234 231 ber of unique cases from their institution to avoid redundant 3. Discussion eosinophilia–myalgia syndrome, to xic oil syndrome, and calci phylaxis [1]. Chronically the skin develops nodules, patches or confiuent identical to circulating fibrocytes which are known to be associ regions of hyperpigmentation with associated skin thickening ated with scar formation and wound healing [46,47]. The skin changes usually start in the there is increased mucin deposition in the dermis. Addition distal extremities, then spread proximally and may involve the ally, the his to logy does not show infiamma to ry changes with trunk. Progressively, patients may develop stiffness of the joints, significant leukocyte infiltration. The likelihood of in vivo trans literature to be associated with gadoteridol (ProHance, Bracco metallation of linear gadolinium chelates appears to be related Diagnostics, Milan, Italy). These find tetate dimeglumine (Magnevist) and gadobenate dimeglumine ing are similar to the findings of the International Center for (MultiHance) [48]. One confounded cases was associated tive circulating fibrocytes from the blood to the involved tissue as with gadobenate (MultiHance) [13]. Gadolinium—a specific trigger for the development of nephro dependent fibroblast growth in cell cultures as well as increased genic fibrosing dermopathy and nephrogenic systemic fibrosisfi Dial Transplant 2006, 21:1104–108 [Erratum in: Nephrol Dial Transplant Additional evidence of in vivo transmetallation has been provide 2006;21:1745]. Nephrogenic fibrosing dermopa by a preclinical trial in which rats exposed to repeated high-dose thy: a novel, disabling disorder in patients with renal failure. Nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy fibrocytic infiltration with high concentrations of gadolinium in in pediatric patients. Pediatr Nephrol 2007;22:1395 (Omniscan) compared to gadopentetate (Magnevist) [51]. There are certain limitations to consider when interpreting Am J Transplant 2006;6:2212–7 [and personal communication. Gadolinium is What is more important to consider is the to tal number admin detectable within the tissue of patients with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. Nephrogenic When reports originated from the same institution, I made efforts systemic fibrosis: a mysterious disease in patients with renal failure—role to contact the authors to verify that there was no redundancy of of gadolinium-based contrast media in causation and the beneficial effect of intravenous sodium thiosulfate. Long-term retention of gadolin possibly resulting in redundant reporting of a few cases. Although the medical literature reporting temicfibrosis:acaseseriessuggestinggadoliniumasapossibleaetiological of this condition is still in fiux, it has certainly grown beyond fac to r. Case–control and to tal number of contrast administration, gadodiamide con study of gadodiamide-related nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis associated with study examining the relationship of disease development to gadolinium liver transplantation, renal failure and gadolinium. Nephrogenic nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: insights from two cases and review of the systemic fibrosis in a gadolinium-naive renal transplant recipient. Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis with imaging and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: retrospective study of a renal septal panniculitis mimicking erythema nodosum. Gadolinium based contrast exposure, sis: more hard times for renal failure patients. Nephrol Ther 2007;3: nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, gadolinium detection in tissue. Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: chronic imaging temic fibrosis after exposure to gadolinium in patients with renal failure. Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis fol cytes: collagen-secreting cells of the peripheral blood. Nephrogenic fibrosing fibrosis (nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy): study of infiamma to ry cells dermopathy in a peri to neal dialysis patient. Kidney Int 2007;72:1294 [and and transforming growth fac to r beta1 expression in affected skin. Gadodiamide contrast agent Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis with multiorgan involvement in a teenage ‘activates’ fibroblasts: a possible cause of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. J male after lympoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, end-stage renal disease, hemodial Pathol 2007; Dec 11 [Epub ahead of print]. Nephrogenic fibrosing der preclinical study to investigate the development of nephrogenic systemic mopathy treated with extracorporeal pho to pheresis: role of gadoliniumfi Nephrogenicsystemicfibrosisandgadolinium genic systemic fibrosis in chronic failure patients exposed to gadodiamide, based contrast agents—etiology and risk management. The guideline emphasiz seen quite commonly in patients with nonrheumatic dis es the need for clinical evaluation to improve the useful eases and even among normal, healthy persons.

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There can be rapid aging of the skin in fair individu­ potency corticosteroids to anxiety hotline cheap 50mg fluvoxamine with mastercard 2-3 weeks oftwice-daily use and als anxiety breathing gif generic fluvoxamine 100mg on line. Cataracts have not been reported with proper use of then use them in a pulse fashion three or four times on protective glasses anxiety symptoms anger buy fluvoxamine 50 mg lowest price. Addi­ Methotrexate is very effective for severe psoriasis in tional measures are therefore commonly added to anxiety disorder nos 3000 discount 50 mg fluvoxamine fast delivery to pical doses up to 25 mg once weekly. Initially, patients are cumulative dose, the patient should be referred to a hepa­ treated with twice-daily corticosteroids plus a vitamin D to logist for consideration of a liver biopsy. Calcipot­ offolic acid, 1-2 mg daily, can eliminate nausea caused by riene usually cannot beapplied to the groin or face because methotrexate without compromising efficacy. Treatment of extensive psoriasis with vitamin Acitretin, a synthetic retinoid, is most effective for pustu­ D analogs may result in hypercalcemia, so that the maxi­ lar psoriasis in dosages ofO. Liver enzymes mum dose for calcipotriene is 100 g/week and for calcitriol and serum lipids must be checked periodically. Calcipotriene is incompatible with many acitretin is a tera to gen and persists for 2-3 years in fat, to pical corticosteroids (but not halobetasol), so if used women of childbearing age must wait at least 3 years afer concurrently, it must be applied at a different time. For the scalp, start with a tar shampoo, used daily if When used as single agents, retinoids will fatten psoriatic possible. For thick scales, use 6% salicylic acid gel (eg, plaques, but will rarely result in complete clearing. Retinoids Keralyt), P & S solution (phenol, mineral oil, and glyc­ fm d their greatest use when combined with pho to therapy­ erin), or fuocinolone ace to nide 0. Infiximab provides the most rapid cream 1% may be effective in intertriginous, genital, and response and can be used for severe pustular or erythro­ facial psoriasis. Etanercept is used more frequently for long­ term treatment at a dose of 50 mg twice weekly for 3 months, B. The phosphodiesterase 4 inhibi to r apremilast is an approved If psoriasis involves more than 30% of the body surface, it option for plaque-type psoriasis with minimal immuno­ is diffcult to treat with to pical agents. Clearing occurs in an average of 7 weeks, and recommended when considering systemic treatment for maintenance may be required. Such treatment may offer the best chance for the course tends to be chronic andunpredictable, andthe prolonged remissions. Combining biologic therapies with other systemic treatments in psoriasis: evidence-based, best-practice recommendations from the Medical Board of the National Psoriasis Foundation. Topical treatments for chronic plaque psoriasis: a abridged Cochrane Systematic Review. Comparative efcacy of biological treatments for moderate- to -severe psoriasis: a network meta-analysis adjusting for cross-trial diferences in reference arm response. Pityriasis rosea with scaling lesions fol­ lowing skin lines and resembling a Christmas tree. General Considerations typical lesions are not present and especially if there are this is a common mild, acute infamma to ry disease that is palmar and plantar or mucous membrane lesions or ade­ 50% more common in females. Young adults are princi­ nopathy, features that are suggestive of secondary syphilis. Concurrent Tinea corporis may present with red, slightly scaly plaques, household cases have been reported. The diagnosis is presents on the body with poorly demarcated patches over made by finding one or more classic lesions. Tinea consist of oval, fawn-colored plaques up to 2 em in diam­ versicolor lacks the typical collarette rimmed lesions. Lesions follow cleavage lines on the trunk (so-called Christmas tree pattern, Figure 6-8). A variant that affects the fexures (axillae and Pityriasis rosea often requires no treatment. An initial pigmented for some time, more aggressive management lesion ("herald patch") that is often larger than the later may be indicated. Treatment is, otherwise, indicated only if lesions often precedes the general eruption by l-2 weeks. While adequately controlled the eruption usually lasts 6-8 weeks and heals without and reproduced trials have not demonstrated widely effec­ scarring. For mild to moderate cases, and patients who become acutely ill often have seborrheic to pical corticosteroids ofmedium strength (triamcinolone dermatitis. Extensive seborrheic dermatitis may simulate intertrigo in fexural areas, but scalp, face, and sternal Pityriasis rosea is usually an acute self-limiting illness that involvement suggests seborrheic dermatitis. Coexistence of two atypical variants of pityriasis rosea: a case report and review ofliterature. Facial Seborrheic Dermatitis the mainstay oftherapy is a mild corticosteroid (hydrocor­ fi Dryscales and underlying erythema. If the disorder cannot be controlled fi Scalp, central face, presternal, interscapular areas, with intermittent use of a mild to pical corticosteroid alone, umbilicus, and body folds. Topical tacrolimus (Pro to pic) and pimecrolimus (Elidel) are steroid-sparing alternatives. Seborrheic Dermatitis of Nonhairy Areas Seborrheic dermatitis is an acute or chronic papulosqua­ Low-potency corticosteroid creams-ie, 1% or 2. Seborrhea of Intertriginous Areas the scalp, face, chest, back, umbilicus, eyelid margins, Apply low-potency corticosteroid lotions or creams twice genitalia, and body folds have dry scales (dandruff) or daily for 5-7 days and then once or twice weekly for main­ oily yellowish scurf (Figure 6-9). Selenium lotion, ke to conazole, or clotrimazole gel or cream may be a useful adjunct. Tacroli­ mus or pimecrolimus to pically may avoid corticosteroid atrophy in chronic cases. Involvement of Eyelid Margins "Marginal blepharitis" usually responds to gentle cleaning of the lid margins nightly as needed, with undiluted Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo using a cot to n swab. Seborrheic dermatitis: etiology, risk fac to rs, and treatments: facts and controversies. Systematic review of oral treatments for sebor­ makes subsequent diagnosis more difficult. Mycotic infections are traditionally divided in to two prin­ cipal groups-superfcial and deep. In this chapter, onlythe superficial infections are discussed: tinea corporis and. General Measures & Prevention tinea cruris; derma to phy to sis of the feet and derma to phy­ tid of the hands; tinea unguium (onychomycosis); and Since moist skin favors the growth of fngi, dry the skin tinea versicolor. See Chapter 36 for discussion of deep carefully after bathing or after perspiring heavily. Tinea Corporis or Tinea Circinata odic acid-Schiff technique may be diagnostic if scrapings and cultures are falsely negative. General Considerations the lesions are often on exposed areas ofthebody such as the face and arms. A his to ry of exposure to an infected pet may occasionally be obtained, usually indicating Microspo­ rum infection. Trichophy to n rubrum is the most common pathogen, usually representing extension on to the trunk or extremities oftinea cruris, pedis, or manuum. In classic lesions, rings of ery­ thema have an advancing scaly border and central clear­ ing (Figure 6-11). Differential Diagnosis Positive fungal studies distinguish tinea corporis from Figure 6-10. Local fieasures Tinea corporis responds to most to pical antifungals, includ­ ing econazole, miconazole, clotrimazole, butenafne, and terbinafine, most of which are available over the counter in the United States (see Table 6-2). Terbinafne and buten­ afne require shorter courses and lead to the most rapid response. Long-term improper use may result in side effects from the high­ potency corticosteroid component, especially in body folds. Systemic fieasures Itraconazole as a single week-long pulse of 200 mg daily is also effective in tinea corporis. Prognosis Tinea corporis usually responds promptly to conservative to pical therapy or to an oral agent within 4 weeks.

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