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By: Neha S. Pandit, PharmD, AAHIVP, BCPS

  • Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Baltimore, Maryland

Today spasms rectal area cheap 30 pills rumalaya forte with mastercard, as doctors expand their experience with diseased livers and find effective drugs to muscle relaxant antidote buy rumalaya forte 30pills on-line treat children who have no other coinfections or history of alcohol abuse muscle relaxant without drowsiness order cheap rumalaya forte, they are beginning to spasms baby buy genuine rumalaya forte on line suspect that cirrhotic livers may be more resilient then previously thought. Cirrhosis may even be reversible once the infecting virus is vanquished or under control. Furthermore, in some cases fibrosis and even frank [clear] cirrhosis have appeared to regress with treatment. In the United States, approximately three out of every 100,000 people will develop liver cancer each year. In the case of hepatitis B, on a molecular level, the X gene protein in the virus is believed to play a role in causing cancer and tumors, possibly through its interac Cancerous tumors form in the tion with the P53 tumor-suppressor gene. Without proper treatment, about 20 percent of patients who have cirrhosis will go on to develop liver cancer. According to cancer studies, about 75 to 95 percent of patients who develop liver cancer have had cirrhosis. The symptoms of liver cancer can be similar to those of cirrhosis, including jaundice, fatigue, drowsiness and weight loss. Liver cancer may also spread through the bloodstream, causing cancer in other tissues and areas of the body. But often, by the time liver cancer is identified and surgically removed, the cancer is so widespread or systemic that it may recur in the liver after surgery. How Doctors Diagnose Liver Disease To prevent liver scarring, cirrhosis and liver cancer, doctors want to identify and track liver disease in children and adults as early as possible. They may also perform an ultrasound? examination to check for swelling, scarring or tumors in different areas of the liver. Some doctors perform a baseline ultrasound on children, even when their Liver Function Tests are normal, to have as a reference. In addition to these tests, physicians may order more specific liver tests such as an auto immune test that can determine the specific cause of a liver disease. But to date, the best vehicle for assessing the true condition of the liver is a liver biopsy. When to order a liver biopsy is an area of contention within the medical community, especially when deciding whether to recommend a liver biopsy in a child. Nearly all doctors agree that a liver biopsy should be routinely ordered when tests reveal elevated liver enzymes over several months. The liver enzyme elevation? that merits a liver biopsy and treatment can range from 1. But when liver enzymes are only slightly elevated?or when there are flares? of ele vated enzymes?doctors face a dilemma of when or whether to order a biopsy. They must decide when the value of the information gained from the biopsy outweighs the medical risks of the procedure itself. At the crux of this dilemma is the fact that liver damage can occur, especially in chil dren, without tests revealing any tell-tale signs of liver cell damage or scarring. Because there is no linear correlation between liver enzyme levels and the amount of liver damage, doctors cannot judge how much damage is occurring in the liver simply by looking at blood tests. The general health of the child, any coinfections, any other test results including the status of the virus? antigens and antibodies, and a physical examination all contribute to the decision to order a liver biopsy. All treatment trials of interferon, lamivudine and combination interferon and ribavirin have greatly relied on liver biopsies before and after treatment to assess the effects of the drug therapy. When undergoing treatment or participating in a clinical trial, a child may have one biopsy before treatment begins and a second after treatment concludes to gauge the effectiveness of the drug. Biopsies are generally not performed during the treatment period because the liver may be changing rapidly in response to the treatment. Patients who have undergone liver transplantation often require numerous liver biopsies in the early weeks and months following the surgery to accurately diagnose if the new liver is being rejected or whether other problems have developed. A parent of a young child who underwent a liver biopsy observed, I really do believe the biopsy is tougher on parents than on the child. A liver biopsy is a diagnostic procedure used to obtain a small amount of liver tissue. The most common way a liver sample is obtained is by inserting a special biopsy needle through a small incision into the liver to retrieve liver tissue. This liver biopsy proce dure is commonly used in the United States when children and adults are in the early to mid-stages of liver disease. Luis Balart, Chief of Gastroen cannot clot properly and the risk of internal terology at Louisiana State bleeding increases. Only a liver biopsy perform a laparoscopic biopsy or transvenous can truly stage [diagnose] the disease biopsy to retrieve liver tissue samples. Just as important, inserts a special tube called a laparoscope liver biopsy findings and staging can through an incision in the abdomen. The provide a firm basis from which to laparoscope sends images of the liver to a make a decision as to whether monitor. The physician watches the moni treatment is warranted immediately tor and uses instruments within the laparo or if watchful waiting is an option. Physicians use this type of biopsy when they need tissue samples from specific parts of the liver. Physicians use this procedure when patients have advanced liver disease, including blood-clotting problems or fluid in the abdomen. How a Liver Biopsy Is Performed Most biopsies are performed in an out-patient hospital setting or with an overnight hospital stay, especially for young children. These tests are performed again shortly after the biopsy procedure and again the day after the biopsy to test for any internal bleeding, especially in children. Usually one week before the surgery, a patient must stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen and any anticoagulants. A patient must not eat or drink anything for about eight hours before the biopsy, which is often very difficult for young children. Once in the hospital, if the patient is a child, he or she is sedated either through conscious sedation or by being completely anaesthetized. Before the procedure, both the doctor and the anesthesiologist should have met with parents to review the procedure. If older teens are able to hold still during the procedure (they must also hold their breath during the needle pass), just their skin and area under the skin where the needle will pass quickly through is anaesthetized. Adults also usually receive a local anesthetic if they can lie still and hold their breath during the procedure. The physician and a radiologist will determine the best site, depth and angle of the needle puncture by physical examination and through an ultrasound. The doctor may actually draw an outline of the liver on the abdomen and then make an X? where the incision will be made and the needle inserted. An ultrasound will usually be used during much of the biopsy procedure to guarantee proper placement of the needle. Some doctors say an ultrasound-guided biopsy guaran tees the best possible location for the biopsy and reduces risk of accidentally puncturing the neighboring gall bladder or lung, especially in small children. This is especially true in a transplanted liver in which the normal anatomy has been changed, or if a piece of a liver has been used for the transplant. Generally, doctors make only one pass? with the thin needle to extract between two to three inches of liver tissue. Because children are generally sedated, there are few reports of children experiencing pain shortly after the procedure. After the biopsy, a dressing is placed over the small incision and the patient must lie on his or her right side, to keep pressure on the incision site for three to four hours. During this time, blood tests are performed again to make sure there is no internal bleeding and blood pressure is taken frequently. This post-biopsy period is often a difficult time for parents who must keep their restless young children still. Younger children usually require the constant presence of reassuring parents and favorite blankets and animals. Patients are instructed to take it easy for the first week, and to apply some pressure to the side with cushions or pillows as this aids healing, helps prevent bleeding and may make the patient more comfortable. For 14 days after the biopsy, patients should remain within one hour of a major hospital and they should carry information to alert medical staff that they have recently had a biopsy. Following the biopsy, the doctor will call and meet with the family to review the results and discuss the next treatment step.

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Putting in autologous or nonautologous cells is coded to muscle relaxant orange pill order rumalaya forte australia the Administration section muscle relaxant at walgreens purchase rumalaya forte online now. Example: Putting in autologous or nonautologous bone marrow back spasms x ray 30pills rumalaya forte with visa, pancreatic islet cells or stem cells is coded to spasms after hysterectomy order 30pills rumalaya forte free shipping the Administration section. Example: A procedure performed on the alveolar process of the mandible is coded to the mandible body part. This guideline applies only when a more specific body part value is not available. A procedure site described in the documentation as peri-urethral, and the documentation also indicates that it is the vulvar tissue and not the urethral tissue that is the site of the procedure, then the procedure is coded to the vulva body part. Example: A procedure performed on a continuous section of artery from the femoral artery to the external iliac artery with the point of entry at the femoral artery is coded to the external iliac body part. In the cardiovascular body systems, if a general body part is available in the correct root operation table, and coding to a proximal branch would require assigning a code in a different body system, the procedure is coded using the general body part value. Examples: A procedure performed on the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve is coded to the trigeminal nerve body part value. Occlusion of the bronchial artery is coded to the body part value Upper Artery in the body system Upper Arteries, and not to the body part value Thoracic Aorta, Descending in the body system Heart and Great Vessels. If the identical procedure is performed on contralateral body parts, and a bilateral body part value exists for that body part, a single procedure is coded using the bilateral body part value. If no bilateral body part value exists, each procedure is coded separately using the appropriate body part value. Examples: the identical procedure performed on both fallopian tubes is coded once using the body part value Fallopian Tube, Bilateral. The identical procedure performed on both knee joints is coded twice using the body part values Knee Joint, Right and Knee Joint, Left. One procedure code specifying multiple arteries is used when the same procedure is performed, including the same device and qualifier values. Examples: Angioplasty of two distinct coronary arteries with placement of two stents is coded as Dilation of Coronary Artery, Two Arteries with Two Intraluminal Devices. Procedures performed on joint structures themselves are coded to the body part in the joint body systems. Examples: Repair of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee is coded to the knee bursa and ligament body part in the bursae and ligaments body system. Knee arthroscopy with shaving of articular cartilage is coded to the knee joint body part in the Lower Joints body system. If a body system does not contain a separate body part value for toes, procedures performed on the toes are coded to the body part value for the foot. Example: Excision of finger muscle is coded to one of the hand muscle body part values in the Muscles body system. Upper Intestinal Tract includes the portion of the gastrointestinal tract from the esophagus down to and including the duodenum, and Lower Intestinal Tract includes the portion of the gastrointestinal tract from the jejunum down to and including the rectum and anus. Example: In the root operation Change table, change of a device in the jejunum is coded using the body part Lower Intestinal Tract. Example: Fragmentation of kidney stone performed via percutaneous nephrostomy is coded to the approach Percutaneous. In limited root operations, the classification provides the qualifier values Temporary and Intraoperative, for specific procedures involving clinically significant devices, where the purpose of the device is to be utilized for a brief duration during the procedure or current inpatient stay. Obstetrics Section Products of conception C1 Procedures performed on the products of conception are coded to the Obstetrics section. Procedures performed on the pregnant female other than the products of conception are coded to the appropriate root operation in the Medical and Surgical section. Example: Amniocentesis is coded to the products of conception body part in the Obstetrics section. Repair of obstetric urethral laceration is coded to the urethra body part in the Medical and Surgical section. Procedures following delivery or abortion C2 Procedures performed following a delivery or abortion for curettage of the endometrium or evacuation of retained products of conception are all coded in the Obstetrics section, to the root operation Extraction and the body part Products of Conception, Retained. Diagnostic or therapeutic dilation and curettage performed during times other than the postpartum or post-abortion period are all coded in the Medical and Surgical section, to the root operation Extraction and the body part Endometrium. New Technology Section General guidelines D1 Section X codes are standalone codes. When section X contains a code title which describes a specific new technology procedure, only that X code is reported for the procedure. Selection of Principal Procedure the following instructions should be applied in the selection of principal procedure and clarification on the importance of the relation to the principal diagnosis when more than one procedure is performed: 1. Procedure performed for definitive treatment of both principal diagnosis and secondary diagnosis a. Sequence procedure performed for definitive treatment most related to principal diagnosis as principal procedure. Procedure performed for definitive treatment and diagnostic procedures performed for both principal diagnosis and secondary diagnosis. Sequence procedure performed for definitive treatment most related to principal diagnosis as principal procedure 3. A diagnostic procedure was performed for the principal diagnosis and a procedure is performed for definitive treatment of a secondary diagnosis. Sequence diagnostic procedure as principal procedure, since the procedure most related to the principal diagnosis takes precedence. No procedures performed that are related to principal diagnosis; procedures performed for definitive treatment and diagnostic procedures were performed for secondary diagnosis a. Sequence procedure performed for definitive treatment of secondary diagnosis as principal procedure, since there are no procedures (definitive or nondefinitive treatment) related to principal diagnosis. We compared the demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with no Cirrhosis; evidence of liver disease, with a cancer-associated liver disease, and with a liver disease not associated with Liver cyst; cancer. Hemangioma Methods: Retrospective, hospital-based, cross-sectional study which reviewed the medical records of sub jects who underwent health examinations at a Taiwanese hospital from 2000 to 2004 and who had normal levels of amino transaminases. Demographic and clinical data were analyzed by univariate and multivariate statistics. Conclusions: For patients with liver disease, a multivariate model can be used to distinguish those with a cancer-associated liver disease from those with a liver disease not associated with cancer. Introduction analysis of biopsy specimens and/or imaging data provided by ultrasonography, laparoscopy, or computed tomography. Liver Liver disease includes many diverse conditions, diseases, and biopsy is the gold standard for diagnosis of most liver diseases, infections that affect the morphology and function of the liver but this must be performed by an expert pathologist, is costly, [1]. Thus, biopsy is often considered Some liver diseases are associated with increased risk for cancer, unnecessary for diagnosis if adequate laboratory, clinical, and im including cirrhosis, in which the development of fibrotic tissues aging data are available. Other forms of liver disease are not serum globulin/albumin ratio (G/A) is elevated in hepatitis C pa associated with cancer, including hepatic cysts, which may be tients with liver cirrhosis [5]. Clearly, a simple metric that could congenital or pathogen-associated; and benign neoplasia, such as predict cancer-associated liver disease would have great clinical hemangiomas or adenomas [1]. Globulin, albumin, and other serum pa (N = 1,323) rameters were analyzed by a biochemical autoanalyser (Hitachi 1. Then, a multivariate logistic regression model was used to predict the probability of a subject being di agnosed with liver disease relative to the G/A and the significant In this retrospective study, we compared numerous demo characteristics identified by univariate analysis. For all statistical graphic and clinical factors of patients with a cancer-associated tests, a P value < 0. The results indicate significant differences tissue penetration, and parenchymal inhomogeneity. However, the multivariate analysis indicates that only teristics for all 4262 subjects (Table 3). Biopsy can be and there can be significant sampling error between and within expensive [7], is associated with possibly serious side effects physicians [9]. Clearly, there is a need for a simple noninvasive [8], including potentially lethal intraperitoneal hemorrhage [2], clinical test or procedure that can predict different types of liver BioMedicine | biomedicine. In other words, the G/A ratio alone has poor sensi the reduced synthesis of thrombopoietin [12-14]. Third, this was a retrospective study, so our results are hepatitis C patients [5], our univariate analysis showed that the G/ more susceptible to bias and confounding than the results of pro A ratio was significantly higher in patients with cancer-associated spective studies.

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Figure at the end of the day the alchemist with the most nuggets is 2 shows a setting with several Smart-Its distributed in a flat the winner muscle relaxant elemis muscle soak rumalaya forte 30 pills without a prescription. The secret formula describes how many of the ingredients are needed for creating a nugget and therefore determines the strategy for the player muscle relaxant for alcoholism order discount rumalaya forte on line. A total of 10 units from the 3 ingredients are required infantile spasms 4 months purchase rumalaya forte 30pills without prescription, and at least one lux spasms compilation 30pills rumalaya forte, one magic motion and one spell. The 7 remaining units can be allocated arbitrarily by the user, based on a calculated guess of the most available ingredients (figure 4). Figure 2: Smart-Its environment the development toolset is a collection of programs that support programming, configuration and debugging of Smart-Its. Figure 4: Entry page for the Context Nugget game Producing ingredients, trading and processing the nuggets Figure 3: Graphical Visualization via Particle Analyzer appear to be magical? as no explicit user intervention is the text-based Smartspy tool and the graphical based required. After entering the formula Smart-It devices are Particle Analyzer tool allow the supervision and distributed to the players and the game starts. At this point, interpretation of output data from a running Smart-It players can influence the game by generating ingredients application (figure 3). Ingredients are via the Particle Analyzer provides a quick overview of fast produced through a sensor perception on the Smart-it changing context, sensor or network data. Sensing light level results after a certain time in often used for informal verification of Smart-Its behavior producing a lux unit; likewise, sensing movement or analyzing performance parameters from the network or (acceleration sensor) and sound (microphone) result in application. The tool allows us to export selected data to which is also very difficult to perform during the game. Imagine being an alchemist in the middle ages trying to produce gold out of mystic ingredients: Lux, spells and the game ends after some hours at a fixed time where all magic motions. These ingredients are then used to produce devices have to be given back for final download of 10 buffered data. The "alchemist" with the device containing What it Demonstrates the most nuggets is the winner. First of all, it shows that the Smart-Its are Technical Setting complete self-contained and independent devices. They do To run the game, players are required to wear a tiny not need infrastructure and are able to generate higher-level electronic Smart-It device and to attach this device to their information, represented here by the context (nuggets) and clothing (figure 1). The device the second strength is the ability of a Smart-It to work constantly detects physical attributes such as light, sound unobtrusively as factor of its small dimensions and long and movement. Furthermore, the device does not require any administration, maintenance or other explicit the device is able to communicate wirelessly and interaction to fulfill its task. No uses the Smart-Its ad-hoc and infrastructure-less master device or access point is necessary. Collection of physical data, semantic when connected to a backbone network, additional data aggregation and the ad-hoc communication is done analysis and statistic functionality is enabled. When the device enters a special application of the infrastructure toolset and services. These marked area with connection to the Internet, buffered data toolset and services can be used for a variety of application is transferred to the Particle DataBase for immediate or areas including supervision of field tests or living lab [4] later use. In our demo setting, it monitors the progress of the current game status using either their own WiFi enabled game application, computes game data. Game rules Observation with Smart-Its 1) the goal of the game is to create more nuggets than In the Smart-Its set-up, simple sensors are the basis for the other players supervision in contrast to complex video surveillance often 2) You create nuggets by collecting ingredients and used in controlled laboratory user studies. An advantage of processing them to nuggets according to the formula you the use of directly attached simple sensor systems is that entered at the start of the game. Converting ingredients to they can collect data automatically, with fine granularity nuggets is done automatically when the necessary type and and independent of the location. Due to the lack of video from a light level sensor), magic motions (created from surveillance cameras, the entire user behavior is not movement sensor) and spells (created from an audio supervised. This suggests a move towards privacy-sensitive sensor) through wearing a tiny magic device. Firstly, only specific 4) Ingredients that are not traded are perishable their parameters can be supervised and have to be known maximum usability period is about 2 minutes. Secondly, in the absence of additional 5) To create nuggets, you consume 10 ingredients from surveillance of the user, users may fool the system by not others alchemists. The ingredients you need are part of the or inappropriately using the devices and so adulterate secret formula you enter at the start of the game. The "Context nuggets" game builds the application the longer you stand next to other wizards the more you scenario for collecting user related data. Simply wear your device the overall performance of the game can be carried out, but correctly at the belt or shirt, not inside a bag etc. How often do players exchange ingredients (combines access points may indicate the need for a relocation of this generation and meeting) access point. Additionally, for the progress of the game the information Additionally, the context aggregation behavior of Smart-Its about the average "nugget" production per time is of is noteworthy in order to optimize the rule-set of the game. Designing Ubiquitous Computing Games A Report from a Workshop Exploring Ubiquitous Computing Entertainment. The Aware Home: A Living Laboratory for Example scenario: Technical (network and sensor) set Ubiquitous Computing Research" Proceedings of the up evaluation Second International Workshop on Cooperative For technical evaluation the ad-hoc and statistical analysis Buildings, October 1999. For the "Context Nuggets" game, network coverage or general network problems could be critical. The percentage and the average time of backbone 12 Eos Pods: Wireless Devices for Interactive Musical Performance David Bianciardi Tom Igoe Eric Singer Audio, Video & Controls, Inc. The system is designed such that audience robots), a group of musicians, robotics experts, artists and members are not required to have previous musical designers dedicated to creating musical robots. Audience members are seated at banquet tables background in musical composition and entertainment throughout the performance space. By tapping on a lighted system design, and an interest in electronically mediated dome at the center of the table when prompted by the musical performance. Coordination is managed through a physical computing at the Interactive Telecommunications central software controller. His research focuses on the design and domes are not tethered in any way, easily moved, and use of networked embedded systems. Keywords the parameters that attracted us to the project were as New Interfaces for Musical Expression, ubiquitous follows: first, it involved a large number of participants, computing, interaction design, embedded networking, and a need for tight coordination and performance-level wireless sensor networks. Third, though a significant amount of was selected for this experiment, due to its significance as a technology was involved, it would have to be transparent. All other details were left to the implementation periphery of an experience rather than the center. A click track would also be the performance was held in a banquet hall at which Eos output from the master computer and mixed to the main Orchestra would be performing for invited supporters. Instead, clusters of local speakers an interactive centerpiece consisting of a 12? diameter were positioned overhead around the room. Audio for each of housed within the dome allowed the guests to tap the dome the tables served by a local cluster was routed to the and trigger a phrase of music, as long as they had received cluster, so that the sound appeared to be coming from the a cue from the conductor. User input sensors in the domes application with the following features: communicated via a microcontroller back to a master computer, sending data on how hard the dome was tapped. The piece In C? is composed of 53 individual melodic patterns of varying length to be played in sequence. Using a pen and may make entrances and repeat each pattern numerous times at his or her choosing. The Our patch was designed to simulate these instructions, with operator could enable, disable and scale volume of each of entrances determined by the players and progression the pods using keystrokes, with the keystrokes? effects through the patterns controlled by the patch. A horse race? applying only to the pods enclosed by or touched by the algorithm was implemented with a counter progressing marquee. Outgoing messages from the host were addressed to each further ahead of the master number. Players were able to trigger playback of a sequence by Messages from the pods to the host were sent on a tapping on the pod dome. The Playback of all parts was synchronized to a master eighth entire module was connected wirelessly using an Ethernet note clock running at a fixed tempo. The pods were powered by the next eighth note following receipt of a trigger, playing 12-volt rechargeable motorcycle batteries. A red color indicated that the pod was currently disabled, and green indicated enabled. Sensing was accomplished using a set of four force sensitive resistors under the rim of the dome. The interface presented an analog of the layout of the four sensors, provided the value was above a given the banquet room, with each table represented as a circle threshold of sensitivity.

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We assign the original vertex cost (the weight of taking that vertex) as capacity from source to muscle relaxant wiki 30pills rumalaya forte amex that vertex for user A and capacity from that vertex to back spasms 6 months pregnant discount 30 pills rumalaya forte mastercard sink for user B muscle relaxant and pain reliever purchase rumalaya forte 30pills online. After the Max Flow algo rithm terminates muscle relaxant elemis muscle soak purchase generic rumalaya forte line, the solution is {s-component vertices in User A} + {t-component vertices in User B} where s-component (t-component) are the vertices still reachable to source vertex (sink ver tex) after running Max Flow. New problems usually require contestants to combine two or more algorithms or to combine an algorithm with some advanced data structures. These harder ones rarely appears in regional contests and if they are, they usually become the decider problem. The term computer? itself comes from the word compute? as computer is built primarily to help human compute numbers. They are basically contest problems involving mathematics that requires no more than basic programming skills. If v q were smaller than p,thenq or a prime factor of q would have divided N earlier. This is O(N) which is already much faster than previous version, but can still be improved to be twice faster. The third improvement2 which is already good enough for contest problems is to test if N is v divisible by prime divisors? This is because if a prime number X cannot divide N,then v there is no point testing whether multiples of X divide N or not. Sieve of Eratosthenes: Generating List of Prime Numbers If we want to generate a list of prime numbers between range [0. N], there is a better algorithm than testing each number in the range whether it is a prime or not. The algorithm is called Sieve of Eratosthenes? invented by Eratosthenes of Alexandria. First, it sets all numbers in the range to be probably prime? but set numbers 0 and 1 to be not prime. Then it takes the next non-crossed number 3 as a prime and crosses out all multiples of 3 starting from 3? The combined code is as follows: 1In real life, large primes are used in cryptography because it is hard to factor a number xy into x? The code template below takes in an integer N and return the list of prime factors see code below. As we need to factor N,thecomplexityof this algorithm is similar with the complexity of factoring an integer with trial division mentioned earlier. If an apple is 25 cents and an orange is 18 cents, how many of each type of fruit does she buys? This problem can be modeled as a linear equation with two variables: 25x +18y = 839. Since we know that both x and y must be integers, this linear equation is called the Linear Diophantine Equation. We can solve Linear Diophantine Equation with two variables even if we only have one equation! For our motivating problem above: 25x +18y = 839, we have: a =25,b =18, extendedEuclid(25, 18) = ((? Multiplying the left and right hand side of the equation above by 839/gcd(25, 18) = 839, we have: 25? So what we need to do is to convert binary to decimal digit by digit, and then quickly perform modulo operation to the intermediate result by 131071. This generates the following familiar patterns: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89. This pattern sometimes appears in some contest problems which do not mention the term Fibonacci? at all, like in some problems shown as exercises below. Note that Fibonacci sequence grows very fast and sometime problems involving Fibonacci have to be solved using Java BigInteger library (see Section 5. Factorial also grows very fast and may also need Java BigInteger library (Section 5. The result is 15,511,210,043,330,985,984,000,000 which is beyond the capacity of 64-bit unsigned long long in C/C++. The way the BigInteger library works is to store the big integer as a (long) string. For example we can store 1021 inside a string num1 = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000? without problem whereas this is already over? Then, for common mathematical operations, the BigInteger library uses a kind of digit by digit operations to process the two big integer operands. For example with num2 = 17?, we have num1 * num2 as: num1 = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 num2 = 17 - * 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,00 - + num1 * num2 = 17,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Addition and subtraction are two simpler operations in BigInteger. We can construct and print a big integer in any base (radix) as shown below: import java. Mastering the solutions for these problems can be an advantage if you are given similar problem or problem that uses these knowledge as part of solution for the problem. Programming problems involving combinatorics usually titled How Many [Object]?, Count [Object]?, etc, although some problem setters choose to hide this fact from their problem title. Hint: answers for few small n = 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are 0, 1, 3, 7, 13, 22, 34, and 50, respectively. Programming Exercises related to Combinatorics (also see Fibonacci Numbers above): 1. Although an event like an individual coin toss is random, if it is repeated many times the sequence of random events will exhibit certain statistical patterns, which can be studied and predicted. In programming contests, such problems are either solve-able with some closed-form formula, or one has no choice than to enumerate the complete search space. However, if the integer to be factored is a large prime number, then this is still a slow business. We can compute fib(n)inO(log n) using matrix multiplication, but this is usually not needed in contest setting unless the problem setter use a very big n. Other mathematics problems that may appear in programming contests are those involving: Chinese Remainder Theorem. Note that (Computational) Geometry is also part of Mathematics, but since we have a special chapter for that, we reserve the discussions related to geometry problems in Chapter 7. This is because there usually exists one or two mathematics problems in the set where the solution is short but getting the solution/formula requires a strong thinking cap. We suggest that interested readers should browse more about number theory see books like [20], mathworld. They are contest problems involving string that require no more than basic programming skills. We only need to read the requirements in the problem description carefully and code it. Here are some examples: Programming Exercises related to Ad Hoc String Processing: 1. We discuss these data structures and several specialized algorithms using these data structures in Section 6. Although we do not know which one is the best, we can try all possibilities while avoiding re-computation of overlapping subproblems. Follow the dashed (red) arrows from the bottom right cell to reconstruct the solution Diagonal arrow means a match or a mismatch. We do not put this topic in Chapter 2 as these two data structures are special for strings. We can then read the starting indices of such substrings that are stored in the leaves of the sub tree. The leaves of this vertex x point to index 1 (substring: acacag$) and index 3 (substring: acag$). The fact that X is the deepest internal vertex (from root) implies that its path-label is the longest repeated substring. For example, with S1 = acgat#? and S2 = cgt$?, the Longest Common Substring is cg? of length 2. Note that we regard the terminating symbol $ as the lexicographically smallest character. The O(m log n) complexity comes from the fact that we can do O(log n)binary search on a sorted su?

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