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By: Neha S. Pandit, PharmD, AAHIVP, BCPS

  • Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, Baltimore, Maryland

Cases of ectopic paragonimiasis in the brain acne light therapy discount accutane 40mg on line, liver acne light purchase accutane 40 mg free shipping, and perivesical and cutaneous fat have been observed in Latin America skin care 1 month before wedding discount accutane 40 mg online. Twelve cases of cutaneous paragonimiasis occurred in the same family in Ecuador; in addition acne vacuum buy 20mg accutane amex, there was a single isolated case in that country and another in Honduras (Brenes et al. The symptoms are similar to those of human pulmonary paragonimiasis, with coughing and bloody sputum. In the laboratory, trematodes appear in the lungs of dogs 23 to 35 days after experimental infection. The parasitosis begins as pneumonitis and catarrhal bronchitis, which are followed by interstitial pneumonia and the formation of cysts. Transmission results from the ingestion of raw or undercooked crustaceans, raw crabs marinated in wine (“drunken crabs”), or crustacean juices. Paragonimiasis is a public health problem in countries where it is customary to eat raw crustaceans or use them for supposedly therapeutic purposes. However, the disease is a problem in Japan as well, even though crustaceans are well cooked before they are eaten; in this case, the main source of infection is hands and cooking utensils contaminated during the preparation of crustaceans. It is possible that man may also become infected by eating meat from animals that are paratenic hosts carrying immature parasites, as evidenced by cases on the island of Kyushu, Japan, that occurred following the consumption of raw wild boar meat. The hypothesis that there are paratenic hosts is reinforced by the fact that paragonims have been observed in carnivores such as tigers and leopards that do not eat crustaceans (Malek, 1980). Transmission is always cyclic—the infection cannot be transmitted directly from one definitive host to another. The parasite must complete its natural cycle, and in order for this to happen the two intermediate hosts must be present—appropriate species of both snails and crustaceans. In endemic areas of eastern Asia, the human infection rate is high enough that man can maintain the infection cycle alone through ongoing contamination of freshwater bodies with human feces. In such areas, the role of animal definitive hosts may be of secondary importance. This experience bears out the importance of human infection in maintaining the endemic. On the other hand, in several parts of Africa, Latin America, and Asia, wild animals are more important than man or domestic animals in maintaining the infection cycle. Diagnosis: In endemic areas, paragonimiasis may be suspected if the typical symptoms are present and the consumption of raw or undercooked crustaceans is a local custom. Radiographic examination is useful, but the findings may be negative even in symptomatic patients. Moreover, interpretation of the results can be difficult in nonendemic areas because the images may be mistaken for those of tuberculosis. Specific diagnosis of pulmonary paragonimiasis is based on the identification of eggs in sputum, fecal matter, pleural effusions, or biopsies. The eggs are reddish brown, operculate, and enlarged at the end opposite the operculum. It is important to differentiate the eggs of Paragonimus from those of other trematodes, as well as cestodes of the order Pseudophyllidea, such as Diphyllobothrium. The cerebral forms can be mistaken for tumors or cysticercosis, and the cutaneous forms, for other migratory larvae—hence the interest in developing indirect tests. An intradermal test that was only weakly sensitive and of questionable specificity was widely used in the past for epidemiologic purposes. In a province of China, a 1961 study found that 24% of the persons examined had positive skin tests, and almost half of those cases were confirmed. This assay can distinguish infections caused by different species of Paragonimus (Kong et al. In addition, the polymerase chain reaction is being used to diagnose paragonimiasis (Maleewong, 1997). Control: In endemic areas, control efforts should be directed at interrupting the infection cycle by the following means: a) education of people to prevent the consumption of raw or undercooked crabs or crayfish; b) mass treatment of the population to reduce the reservoir of infection; c) elimination of stray dogs and cats for the same purpose; d) sanitary disposal of sputum and fecal matter to prevent the contamination of rivers; and e) controlling snails with molluscicides in areas where this approach is feasible. For a control program to be effective, it should encompass the entire watershed area and adjacent regions. In Latin America, where the transmission cycle appears to occur predominantly in wildlife and where human cases are sporadic, the only practical measure is to educate and warn the population about the danger of eating raw or undercooked crustaceans. A study in China investigated the possibility of destroying metacercariae in crustaceans by irradiation with cobalt-60. No parasites could be recovered from mice infected with metacercariae irradiated at 2. Some of the metacercariae irradiated at 2 kGy excysted and survived in the mice for up to 30 days. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) subclass and IgE responses in human paragonimiases caused by three different species. Clinical features and epidemiology of the recent outbreak following the Nigerian civil war. Human paragonimiasis caused by Paragonimus uterobilateralis in Liberia and Guinea, West Africa. Effect of cobalt-60 irradiation on the infectivity of Paragonimus westermani metacercariae. Paragonimiasis and tuberculosis, diagnostic confusion: A review of the literature. Paragonimiasis in Ecuador: Prevalence and geographical distribution of parasitisation of second intermediate hosts with Paragonimus mexicanus in Esmeraldas province. Etiology: the primary agents of human schistosomiasis are the small blood trematodes Schistosoma mansoni, S. There are 19 recognized species of Schistosoma,but their phylogenetic relationships are complex (Rollinson et al. Unlike the other digenic trematodes, which are hermaphrodites, the schistosomes have both male and female forms. The males are shorter and broader than the females, and they have a gynecophoral canal running along the ventral surface in which the female, which is long and thin, is permanently accommodated. Adults live in the venous system of their definitive hosts, where they mate and lay 100 to 3,500 eggs a day, depending on the species. Although all the species have a similar life cycle, there are variations in their required intermediate hosts and in the final localization of the adults in the circulatory system. The eggs are transported by the venous circulation until they form a thrombus, at which point they secrete enzymes that enable them to traverse the wall of the organ and take up residence in the lumen. From the lumen they are eliminated in feces, urine, or other secretions or excretions of the affected organ. The eggs are deposited with a zygote inside, and before leaving the host they develop a larva (miracidium). When they reach water, most of the eggs hatch within eight hours, stimulated by light and water temperatures of 5°C to 36°C (Ye et al. The released miracidia swim in search of a suitable intermediate host, but they lose their infectivity if they fail to find one within about 10 hours. The snail intermediate hosts belong to the following genera: Biomphalaria and Tropicorbis in the case of S. The miracidium penetrates the snail and turns into a mother sporocyst, which forms daughter sporocysts inside it, and the latter, in turn, produce fork-tailed cercariae. The time lapse between penetration of the miracidium and emergence of cercariae can be as short as 20 days, but it is usually 4 to 7 weeks. Unlike the cercariae of other digenic trematodes, the schistosome cercariae do not form a metacercaria but instead invade the skin of the definitive host directly, often penetrating via the hair follicles or sebaceous glands by enzymatic and mechanical means. This process has to be completed within 36 hours or the cercaria loses its infectivity. Penetration takes only a matter of minutes; the cercaria drops its tail in the course of penetration, and within a few hours, it transforms into a juvenile schistosome (schistosomulum), which differs from the cercaria in morphology, antigenicity, and physiology. The schistosomula travel through the bloodstream to the lungs, where they stop briefly, and then move through the circulatory and porta systems to the liver, where they reach sexual maturity and mate. About three weeks after the initial infection, the parasites travel against the blood flow to the mesenteric, vesical, or pelvic venules, depending on the species.

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The home needling can be safely combined with the use of peptide serum and/or tretinoin to acne nodules accutane 40mg without a prescription maximize improvements in depressed scarring skin care 10 year old accutane 40mg line. Clinical results vary between patients acne x tretorn buy accutane 20mg fast delivery, with some achieving 90% improvement in scarring and others less than 50% acne red marks purchase accutane 30 mg online. The number of treatments (5) required varies depending on the individual collagen response on the condition of the tissue and desired results and will be determined by the dermatologist: You may need 2 to 6 treatments. Our experience (6) has shown that, after only two sessions of treatment, the level of severity of rolling scars in all patients is largely reduced: the digital photographic comparison of lesions, before (Figure 9. The formation of scabs Besides, no patient showed visible signs of the procedure or should be discouraged because they may cause obstruchyperpigmentation. Milia are uncommon, though, but when they occur gen induction therapy a dramatic increase of new collagen they should be treated by pricking and draining. Although difficult to estimate, pustules are more common and usually found in patients there is at least 400% and 1000% more collagen and elastin treated for acne scars. The epidermis demonstrated 40% thickening the pustules are allowed to dry on the skin, they will form of stratum spinosum and normal rete ridges at 1 year postthin scabs that effectively prevent the penetration of the operatively. Patients are instructed to use a topical virocidal if they feel the tingling feeling that is typical of herpes. Higher doses of vitamin A may cause a retinoid reaction that will aggravate the pink flush of the skin and also cause dry, flaky skin. Moreover, it is absolutely recommended to not use badly tooled and copied version of the medical device: the material is too soft and the tips easily bend when touching a hard surface, for example, bones. This again results in cutting and ripping tissue, nerves, vessels, and the lymphatic system when rolled through the skin. Skin needling is a simple technique and can have an “immediate effect” on the improvement of rolling acne scars. The most important one is that the epidermis remains intact because it is not damaged, eliminating most of the risks and negative side effects of chemical peeling or laser resurfacing. There is scientific proof that the needling procedure also stimulates revascularization, repigments stretch marks, and fills cutaneFigure 9. From this point of view, skin needling is now well treatment: note how tips are bent like a fishhook. Furthermore, it offers results not International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. Clin Exp (subcision) surgery for the correction of depressed scars Derm 2008; in press. Minimally invasive percutaneous collagen collagen induction therapy: an alternative treatment for induction. This combination of • Several fractional laser devices are available and each varsequelae were responsible for the decline in popularity of the ies as to the type of laser source, treatment settings, spot procedure. Traditional erbium dependent on the type and depth of the scarring as well lasers had lower rates of complications but were largely ineffecas the patient’s skin type and tolerance for risk. When these lasers became fractionated, the ability of complications compared with traditional laser resurfacing. Both target water and both vaporize the For the treatment oF acne scars skin efficiently. These differences in depth of penetration have new, the history of the use of these devices for this indication significant import with respect to the treatment of acne scars. The depth and surface area of the scars being treated are the main determinants for system selection and energy settings. Superficial scarThere are many different devices that may be utilized to treat acne ring may be amenable to treatment with a fractional nonablascars. This less invasive device will improve the patient’s devices that are used throughout the world. Instead, a focus will appearance (and self-esteem) with less risk and minimal be placed on the systems that are most prevalent at the present downtime. Although the various manufacturers incorporate different available and the risks and benefits compared with fractional technologies and have differences in their treatment algorithms, photothermolysis should be discussed with each patient prior some general trends are valid across the various platforms. Chief among be useful to have an understanding of the present fractional laser the options for the treatment of acne scars are dermabrasion, devices as indicated for the treatment of acne scars. This device uses that clinical improvements in the range of 51% to 75% were an erbium source at a wavelength of 1550. Few complicathis required the use of a blue dye to enable the tracking system tions were noted. Whether additional treatments would have to scan the areas that had and had not been treated. This was improved scars to a greater extent or intrinsic collagen remodviewed by many as an inconvenience and subsequent devices eling helped diminish the appearance of the scars after the no longer use this dye. This cooling has several functions but the require the use of blue dyes to target the laser. This has also been two most relevant ones for the treatment of acne scars is that demonstrated to improve the appearance of acne scars. Fluences used portion of the hair follicle enabling the stem cells to repopulate in these patients were between 35–40 mJ/ microthermal zone the skin from a deeper (and thus more even) level. When treating acne, this ability allows the of patients had an improvement in the appearance of their acne user to increase the density when it is necessary to ablate more scars between 50% and 75%. Whereas other techniques such as dermabrasion Many different skin types have been treated with this device and chemical peeling do not enable the physician to match the in an effort to treat acne scars. As with other reports, adverse events were limited to transient In clinical experience, the Fraxel has been used to treat acne issues such as erythema and edema. The authors concluded scars with a high degree of patient satisfaction for scars that are that fractional resurfacing (Fraxel) was a significantly effective relatively small and relatively shallow (Figure 10. This device fractional photothermolysis for acne scars observer who concluded that 8 patients had improvements of between 51% and 100% in 4 months after the last treatment was performed. Complications seen during the study were limited to treatment related erythema and swelling. This study was notable for demonstrating histology associated with the treatment, and it is notable for demonstrating isolated microthermal zone damage to the epidermis and collagen. The depth of the injury is comparable to the depth associated with many mild-to-moderate acne scars, and it is possible that this correlation of treatment depth to the underlying pathophysiology of the acne scar is responsible for the high degree of improvement. The depth did not appear to be deep enough to ablate the hair matrix, and this probably is the reason why scarring was avoided. In this study, patient satisfaction was more correlated with improvement of acne scars than with pore size Fractional photothermolysis lasers are made by many companies. Each device has strengths and weaknesses that have important implications for treating acne scars. Differences in the lasers include different wavelengths, spot sizes, fluence levels, density of laser beamlets, skin cooling systems, and ease of use (for both physician and patient). As to penetrate to the depth of the acne scar as well as its abilwith any indication, it is important to have a reasonable likeliity to spare the intervening tissue. This has been engineered to deliver higher energy levels than many modality prevents heat from building up around the treated other devices on the market with peak energy levels of 225 mJ. With fractional photothermolysis, some form of topical to enable the physician to address superficial and deep acne anesthesia and/or cooling system is needed. One characteristic of the device that lends itself to the the procedure is well tolerated without any anesthesia or skintreatment of acne scars is its limited thermal spread due to cooling system. This laser also has with acne scars can be treated with such a laser, and because no a large scan pattern size of up to 10 mm 10 mm, enabling anesthesia or cooling is needed, it decreases the time in office. This device affords better results as seen with length of 1,540 nm and also targets water as the chromophore. There are many significant who had a combination of mild-to-moderate acne scars comdifferences between the various laser systems. The system used for their use for esthetic rejuvenation in general and the treatment this trial was a Lutronic 1,550 nm erbium glass laser. Improvement was evaluated by a blinded most significant difference between various devices is whether acne scars it is ablative or not.

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The majority of patients being children acne in hair discount 20mg accutane, this bacterial infection study concludes that the maternal and child mortality after civil war does leads to skin care educator jobs generic 5mg accutane with amex a buildup of toxins requiring administration of Diphtheria not differ between peace types and quantifes the time delay in which Antitoxin that is in short supply worldwide and often causes severe populations exiting civil war experience mortality improvements as the adverse reactions acne dark spots proven accutane 30mg. Several new international initiatives are underway to acne vitamins accutane 40mg line help address limited org/awards-fellowships-medals/awards-and-honors/nominationcause-specifc mortality data in low-resource settings. Uptake of nonrational or excessive prescriptions in program and the Kenya Mortality Study. Also, based on their past experience on the prescription profle, sensitivities of this type of work. Community engagement was done community members may delay visit to health centres in anticipation of through national administration, Ministry of Health,and Community the level of prescription charges. Saiful Islam1, Abdullah-Al Masud1, Muhammad Faruqe 7 continuing medical education lectures, and sponsored weekly meetings Hussain1, John Blevins2, Emily D. Gurley4 meetings included background on the studies, the benefts of knowing mortality rates and causes of death, and autopsy procedure details. To date, we received 83 death notifcations and have impaired by limited diagnostic facilities, poor access to health care systems, enrolled 12 pilot deaths. We need to enhance community engagement by continuing the cultural sensitivities around any type of postmortem exam. Two rumors indicated that the study was harvesting organs for sale or transplantation. After verbal consent was obtained from household heads health program where there is a need to identify and act upon public physical mapping geo-location and unique numbering of all houses was misinformation or other community events in real-time. Subsequently, all members of the mapped households were enumerated 90 and their socio-demographic data collected. These Data were collected electronically using smart phones by trained Community Interviewers. A comparison of the experienced by female youth and that affect their health and well-being workload also showed that only 11 out of 110 villages met the set criteria is well researched. Using this premise, we employed a social constructionist perspective to explore health and well-being of female youth in Kenya with an objective of highlighting the health indicators that matter to the lay female which are youths essential in well-being assessment. Using an ecological model, we conducted six in-depth interviews (n=6) and four focus group discussions (n=4) with female astmh. Phenomenological analysis of the data gave rise to the conceptual to be insuffciently equipped for disease outbreaks. None of the facilities categories of the female youth being “bleeding bodies”, “unemployed has an emergency operation unit. Training and routine disadvantaged bodies” and “bodies prone to diverse health risks”. We emergency drill, disease surveillance, and adequate waste management found out that poverty and lack of basic needs contributed to feelings of are lacking. None 0% (0/193) of the participants had undergone any powerlessness and inability to take charge over one’s life in the phase of form of emergencies drill. Strong social support was demonstrated as the only hope and on preparedness were: immunization of staff, better communication fallback for the youth in these of contexts. These insights are important in among different departments in the health sector, routine training, fund formulation of context specifc policies that target neglected groups. In conclusion, the overall poor level of preparedness which exist in most health facilities 91 cannot contain any outbreak. Active surveys can achieve Sawadogo Bernard4, Antaraa Simon5, Mckenzie Andre2 monitoring with high explanatory power, but they are expensive and 1 2 Direction of Immunization, Niamey, Niger, Centers for Disease Control highly localised. We used a Bayesian latent point approach, incorporating Congenital abnormalities are functional, structural, or metabolic a combination of active data collection in some points, where a full set abnormalities that occur in the uterus and are identifed before or of covariates were measured, and passive cases detection, where an after birth. In Niger, the feld of congenital abnormalities has not been important covariate (insecticide resistance) was unavailable. Models considering active sampling sites only failed in describing Open Epi was 421. These women were interviewed and the data were the relationships between the environmental predictors and malaria collected with a questionnaire. Models using passive detection data only gave better results, analyzes were performed. The healthcare facilities may not be tropical disease, the control program in eastern Africa region is hindered prepared to respond in case of such eventualities. The treatment preparedness existing in their facilities, militating factors and possible ways regimens are limited: toxic, complex administration, too expensive, or to improve were evaluated through a qualitative data collective: Focus produced by a single source. There is no data on the 96 magnitude of drugs shortages and the bottlenecks in procurement. With pregnant women at the time of diagnosis in antenatal care and during the combination of quantitative and qualitative data, we expect to have breastfeeding, regardless of their clinical condition. However, despite commitments, this strategy and strategies moving forward for this region. Access to available drugs is has been severely stressed by continued high rates of non-adherence often overlooked. In this preliminary analysis we used 95 de-identifed, aggregate data collected within a large parent study. Guided by the Reproductive Health Directorate, these initiatives have focused on systems-level improvements to maternity care. Despite global efforts routine neonatal care through checklist use; decreasing rates of puerperal to combat these diseases, equitable access to freely donated drugs is infection; and improving blood pressure monitoring for antenatal mothers. The 99 study was conducted in two purposively selected states, Kaduna and Ogun State, to allow for maximum contextual variation. Poor health management information systems for rapid response and management of 1International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh, Dhaka, adverse reactions leading to drug refusals in subsequent treatment rounds Bangladesh, 2Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, also discourages the implementers. Since the frontline implementers connects the health system autopsies, the gold standard to diagnose cause of death. Army Republic of Vietnam) focused much of their prevention efforts on infectious diseases. Their purpose was to reinforce—with heavy doses of Grietens1, Benjamin Bates3 gallows humor—the sober jargon contained in the Newsletters’ articles. As our fndings will show, the often crudely States penned cartoons refected not only the pressing issue of infectious disease among combat troops but also changing attitudes toward the war itself. Articles extracted met three criteria: references Few global health experiences include intentionally-directed to communication, guiding theoretical framework (if available) and interprofessional training. We aim to prospectively evaluate the impact communication domains, including community participation. Risk behaviors are usually addressed through curriculum conceptually divided into three phases: 1) pre-immersion health education and awareness campaigns. Media-based strategies preparation, 2) in-country immersion in Nicaragua, and 3) post-immersion are used for dissemination and persuasion. The pre-immersion preparation phase included didactic lectures frequently associated with adherence, although more complex defnitions and small group discussions designed to introduce students to concepts have been tested. During the post-immersion phase, students dynamics associated with prevention and treatment of this group of also to prepare a poster presentation on patient education and teaching diseases. Students derived from the proliferation of rumors that can be effectively reduced flled out preand post-course surveys. Similarly elimination, eradication and on numeric data and qualitative analysis on open-ended questions. Of control programs did not meaningfully differ in their communication 39 total students enrolled in the course, 26 (18 medical and 8 nursing approaches despite the specifc demands of each stage. More systematic students) participated in the study and flled out the preand post-course and strategic use of communication frameworks adjusted to the surveys. Qualitative themes identifed included: 1) the importance of understanding other team member’s roles and relative strengths; 2) 102 the value provided by the breaking down of traditional power dynamics between clinicians. Although most died due to combat-related circumstances, thousands also died astmh. We carried out an evaluative theoryTime to sputum conversion was signifcantly longer at 64. Many shortcoming to realize sustainment of Elizabeth Allen1, Jaishree Raman2, Aaron Mabuza1, Lesley these efforts include transient engagement from international partners, Workman1, Cordelia Leisegang1, Hendrik Swanepoel3, Lucille inability of host countries and institutions to sustainably fund and Blumberg2, John Frean2, Frans Mbokazi4, Karen Barnes1 manage resulting programs, challenges with respect to building human 1 2 University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa, National Institute resources, and others. Private and public partners have much to offer 3 for Communicable Diseases, Pretoria, South Africa, University of Pretoria, in terms of capacity building and net results can be augmented when 4 Pretoria, South Africa, Mpumalanga Malaria Elimination Programme, both partners work collaboratively with host nations and institutions.

Vulvar fixed drug eruption Fixed drug eruption is an uncommon drug reaction acne quitting smoking discount 30 mg accutane fast delivery, which acne 5 dpo order 20 mg accutane fast delivery, when found on non-genital skin skin care brands buy accutane australia, presents as sharply demarcated round or oval plaques recurring at a fixed location acne treatment for teens buy accutane in india. The offending drug has usually been administered within the last 12 h, and sometimes eruption will occur within 30 min of ingestion. In this location it presents in girls as a bilaterally symmetrical erosive eruption involving the vulva that may spread to the groins and buttocks. The onset is sudden, and it resolves spontaneously over a period of about 2 weeks. The symmetry of the eruption and the lack of postinflammatory pigmentation on the genital area may make the diagnosis difficult. When a drug is constantly administered, genital fixed drug eruption may present as a constant erosive eruption that is puzzlingly treatment resistant. The differential diagnosis includes acute streptococcal vulvitis and balanitis, acute contact dermatitis and recurrent perineal erythema. Drugs that have most often been implicated in children include paracetamol, cotrimoxazole, hydroxyzine and methylphenidate [14]. Vulvar involvement is usually part of a generalized reaction but occasionally erythema multiforme can be mainly or only mucosal. It therefore favours the axilla and anogenital area but may occur on the buttocks, breast and scalp. Although it is usually seen in young adults and older people, it may occur in children, particularly those approaching and at puberty. Children with androgen excess and premature adrenarche may suffer from the disease prematurely [20, 21]. Although the true aetiology of this disease remains unknown, it does appear that follicular occlusion in apocrine gland-bearing skin is the primary event. The disease in most cases appears to be androgen dependent, and it has been postulated that these patients have an end-organ hypersensitivity to androgens. Clinical features the earliest signs of the disease are tender dermal nodules that may progress to suppuration and scarring. Although bacterial swabs are usually negative, superinfection may result in recurrent cellulitis. The disease may become debilitating, with constant painful nodules in the groin and axilla. The connection between smoking and this condition seen in adults can manifest in children who are passive smokers. Particularly in children, in whom the disease may not be suspected, recurrent folliculitis or staphylococcal boils are usually diagnosed initially. If the area of skin affected is localized, surgical excision is probably the treatment of choice. However, such surgery is not trivial and initial management with oral tetracycline in children over the age of 8 years will often provide adequate control. In postpubertal children the addition of an antiandrogen, such as cyproterone acetate, is helpful. There have been reports of the use of isotretinoin but results are unpredictable, however infliximab appears to be a promising therapy. Childhood vulval pemphigoid: a clinical and immunopathological study of five patients. Childhood bullous pemphigoid: A clinicopathologic study and review of the literature. Non-sexually related acute genital ulcers in 13 prepubertal girls: A clinical and microbiological study. Recurrent aphthous stomatitis: clinical characteristics and associated systemic disorder. Prepubertal hidradenitis suppurativa: two case reports and review of the literature. Abnormal-appearing genitalia present at birth in a girl has two most frequent causes: masculinization due to congenital adrenocortical hyperplasia as a result of an inherited defect of steroid synthesis and imperforate hymen. Agenesis of the labia minora and clitoris has been described as a congenital abnormality. It is not seen in adults, unless they have scarring skin diseases such as lichen sclerosus. It may be noticed from infancy to the age of 6 years, but the peak incidence is at 13–23 months of age. The cause of labial adhesions is unknown but they are probably the result of inflammation and oedema associated with dermatological conditions such as dermatitis. Adhesions are commonly encountered with vulval lichen sclerosus and have been reported in association with calcinosis cutis [5]. Fusion of the labia is not a malformation and is acquired, but it may appear very early and has even been seen at birth. Clinically the labia minora or majora are agglutinated to a variable degree from the tip of the clitoris to the posterior fourchette. This may result in an abnormal-looking vulva with no apparent vaginal opening or the vulva may look relatively normal but there appears to be a membrane across the vagina when the labia majora are parted [6] Not all children with adhesions are symptomatic, but some experience soreness or itching. This is the only condition for which oestrogen cream is effective in a prepubertal child. The cream need be applied only once per day, and the fusion usually resolves over a 2to 6-week period. Once the fusion has separated, ongoing treatment with soap avoidance, topical lubricants and 1% hydrocortisone is recommended. This can be a problem as oestrogen creams are irritating in children and they tend to sting, making cooperation difficult. Prolonged use of oestrogen creams in prepubertal girls may lead to breast budding and increased growth of hair. In some patients, surgical separation under local or general anaesthesia will be required, particularly where dense fibrous adhesions have formed. The condition tends to resolve spontaneously at puberty, however, and surgery should only be undertaken if the condition is symptomatic. Dysuria, pain with activities, urinary retention and almost complete occlusion of the vestibule leading to a pinpoint opening with abnormal urinary stream are indications for such treatment. Infantile pyramidal perineal protrusion Although this has only recently been labelled as an entity in the medical literature [11], it is probably not rare. It is noticed in infancy as an asymptomatic soft protrusion of the median raphe, mostly in girls. Some cases have been seen in association with lichen sclerosus[12] and chronic constipation [13]. Idiopathic calcinosis cutis presenting as labial adhesions in children: report of two cases with literature review. Significance of topical estrogens to labial fusion and vaginal introital integrity. Retrospective comparison of topical treatments: estrogen only, betamesthasone only, and combination estrogen and betamethasone. Topical estrogen therapy in labial adhesions in children: therapeutic or prophylacticfi Infantile pyramidal protrusion as a manifestation of lichen sclerosus et atrophicus. Genital signs of systemic disease Crohn’s disease Crohn’s disease, a chronic and relapsing inflammatory bowel disorder, is often associated with skin findings. Erythema nodosum and pyoderma gangrenosum may occur as non-specific associations, but the same granulomatous process that affects the bowel may be found in the skin and can be confirmed histologically. The biopsy will demonstrate giant cells, macrophages, lymphocytes and plasma cells in sarcoidal granulomas. This can be contiguous with the bowel, with perianal lesions or on the genitalia [2,3]. The usual presentation is with discomfort and soreness, associated with firm oedema and hypertrophy of the labia in girls and the penis and scrotum in boys. Perianal erosions and fissures, swelling, fistulae, skin tags and erythema are commonly found where there is genital involvement. The condition must be differentiated from other processes that cause painless induration of the genital area, including filiariasis and lymphogranuloma venereum. The skin lesions tend to be resistant to treatment with oral antibiotics such as metronidazole and sulphasalazine, and prednisone is usually required to induce a remission.

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