Plastic Gallon Jug

Plastic gallon jugs are a great favorite of Winter Sowers. They come into our homes filled with water, juices or milk. They generally have soft plastic walls which can be easily cut with a sharp knife or well-pointed scissors. Plastic gallon jugs are also among the easiest containers to create for seed sowing.

Use the knife to cut round the middle of the jug. Marking the jug can be helpful to beginners.Do not cut through the jug label which will work as a hinge.
Press a sharp paring knife into the soft plastic by the base to make a drainage slit. Add a slit to all four sides.
Clean jug, no cap needed.
Photo shows a prepared jug.
Label the bottom of the container with duct tape and write the name with a permanent marker. Under the jug, sun rays cannot bleach out the writing.You may add a plant tag to the soil in the jug. Write the name once, then write over your letters again to put down a double-layer of ink which will resist fading in sun.
Fill container to about an inch from the top with your favorite potting soil or sowing medium. Soils that contain fertilizer are acceptable, it is a mild time-release type and the fertilizer will not burn seedling roots.
Use a small piece of duct tape to hold top to bottom.

Use a larger strip of tape completely around to close up container.

Moisten soil, scatter seeds over top, then gently apply a thin layer of soil to barely cover seed. Pat soil surface to firm and, give seed good contact with most soil.

WinterSown always recommends the use of food-grade plastics for sowing containers. 

Children should be supervised when making their Winter Sowing containers.

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